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When we go windsurfing not only do we need a windsurfing board and sail it is also important for windsurfers to get themselves a wetsuit. Wetsuit is a piece of
windsurfing equipment, not just for comfort, but also for safety. A well designed and fitted wetsuit can not only provide warmth and buoyancy but also any sailor’s worst enemy “hypothermia”.

When choosing a wetsuit do not skimp as it could mean the difference between happy sailing and hypothermia. When buying your wetsuit purchase one that is designed for windsurfing rather than one designed for scuba diving, kayaking or just purely for its look. Windsurfing wetsuits are especially
designed so that you can comfortably hold your arms out straight and hand on to the boom. Wetsuit made for windsurfing will be made with the outside mostly shiny neoprene, and not cloth or
nylon II. Those made with shiny neoprene will enable water to run off and will protect you from the wind. Water will not stick to the cloth and cool as it evaporates in the wind.

Wetsuits also come in various thickness, which are indicated by two numbers. For example, 3-2 wetsuits means that 3mm thick in the chest and body and 2mm thick in the arms and legs. A 3-2 wetsuits are adequate for summer sailing while 4-3 wetsuits are good for sailing in the cooler months of spring and autumn.

An important point to remember when choosing your wetsuit, besides what we have discussed above is that it “fits” properly. A wetsuit that is suitable for you should be snug everywhere without cutting off circulation.

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