Windsurfing Boards

Windsurfing boards used to be classified into:

Short boards – less then 3 meters long and are especially designed for planing conditions.

Long boards – they are usually longer than 3 meters long with a retractable daggerboard. It is optimized for slower winds.

However, long boards have become obsolete in recent years as windsurfing had developed very quickly in materials and techniques, and long boards have nearly fallen out of use.

Let’s look at a board and see how different parts works:

The skeg (or better known as the fin) and the centerboard supply lateral resistance and keep the board from going sideways. The universal on the board is a flexible joint that attaches the mast (sail) to the board. The pointy (forward) end of the board is known as the bow, the other (back) end is the known as the stern.

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