Windsurfing Boards Categories

These day modern windsurfing boards can be classified into the following categories:

Freeride – these are boards meant for comfortable recreational blasting. They are mainly used in flat waters. Typically they fall into the volume range of 120-170 liters.

Formula Windsurfing Class – these are one meter wide board use especially for the use in formula windsurfing races.

Wave Boards – as the name said these boards specialize in the use in performing high jumps while sailing against waves. Wave boards are small, maneuverable boards for use in the shore break. These boards allow the
windsurfer to surf the face of a wave in a similar manner as surfers do. They fall into the volume range of 70-90 liters.

Freestyle boards – a small board geared at performing tricks on flat waters. They are usually around 80-110 liters big.

Racing boards – They are short boards designed achieve at top speeds, rather than maneuverability or ease of use.

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