Windsurfing Sail

The present windsurfing sail is made of monofilm (a clear PVC film), Dacron (a kind of woven polyester) and mylar. Sensitive parts of the sails are reinforced with Kevlar mesh.

Let’s have a look at the different parts on a sail:

The mast is the long skinny pole that holds the sail up. The two sticks on either side are the booms. They are on each side of the sail that holds the sail out from the mast.

Each sail have 3 corners, the head, tack and clew and 3 slides, the luff, leech and, foot.

The “lines” or three ropes are attached to the sail. The downhaul pulls the sail down the mast. It is attached from the tack of the sail. This is the most important rope for
adjusting the sail. The outhaul pulls the sail out the boom. Lastly the uphaul is the rope that you use to pull the sail up out of the water.

The battens on the sail are the flexible plastic strips or tubes that hold the shape in the sail.

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